Lambda Unites to Support DACA

Lambda Theta Phi joins other Greek Organizations in support of DACA. The time is now to take action. Find out what you can do to take action today to #DefendDACA.

Lambda Stands with Dreamers

Lambda Theta Phi supports our brothers and students who receive DACA status.

Lambda Theta Phi Congratulates Executive Director Jarrod Cruz

On his 2-year appointment to the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Board of Directors 2018-2020.

Lambda Disheartened by DACA Decision

Lambda Theta Phi is disheartened by the DACA Decision and focuses our collective efforts on passing the bipartisan legislation, Dream Act 2017 (S. 1615).

Lambda Unites with Greek Organizations

In the spirit of Greek Unity, Lambda Theta Phi has joined with other Greek Organizations to provide assistance for the Texas residents affected by Hurricane Harvey. Learn how you can help.

Lambda Condemns Acts of Hate in Charlottesville, VA

We Stand United to fight racism, hatred, discrimination, and notions of white supremacy. We stand and fight because it is aligned with our mission, purpose and values as a Latin Fraternity founded on principles of social justice.

Lambda Theta Phi denounces Texas SB4

Texas SB4 relates to the enforcement by campus police departments and certain local governmental entities of state and federal laws governing immigration and to related duties and liability of certain persons in the criminal justice system

Inaugural Hill Days program sets foundation for future collaboration

Lambda Theta Phi & Lambda Theta Alpha hosted a successful two-day advocacy program on Capitol Hill where members shared stories to their Congressional leaders on behalf of local communities.

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By shopping Amazon using the link can bring in additional revenue back to the fraternity. This is just another way to give back!

Lambda Raises Over $17,000 for 2016 CHCI Latino Leaders Campaign

North Carolina Sector 1, Lambda Gamma Chapter & Beta Beta Chapter Lead the 2016 Latino Leaders Campaign towards achieving 81% of our $22,000 Goal!

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Membership Services

Membership Services

The Membership Services area allows interested, new or exisiting members to submit or update your information, search the National Brotherhood Directory, and make necessary payments.

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Lambdas Save with Geico

Lambda Theta Phi’s partnership with GEICO gives you the benefit of great rates on auto insurance. Every time you complete a quote, GEICO gives back to Lambda Theta Phi!

National Convention in Kansas City, Missouri

2018 National Convention

Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Inc.’s 2018 National Convention will be held in Kansas City, Missouri! We are proud to welcome brothers to the midwest for a great weekend of brotherhood as we elect or 2018-2020 leaders.


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Men's Wearhouse Discount

Brothers of Lambda Theta Phi save money at Men’s Wearhouse. Download the app, enter the group code and enjoy the savings.

Lambda Career Connection

Lambda Career Connection

Brothers are encouraged to post jobs that are open in their offices absolutely FREE. Any brother of Lambda Theta Phi will be able to browse for any open positions. Take advantage of this free membership benefit today!

Dollars Raised for CHCI

Latin@ Students sent to DC

Undergraduate Entities


Kean University | Union, NJ


Rutgers University | New Brunswick, NJ


The College of New Jersey | Ewing, NJ


Formerly Upsala College | East Orange, NJ


Seton Hall University | South Orange, NJ


Stevens Institute of Technology | Hoboken, NJ


NJ Institute of Technology | Newark, NJ


Rutgers University | Newark, NJ


















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