California Sector 2, April 2015

As part of a national organization that strives to raise the social and cultural consciousness of the [Latin] male college student, the California Sector 2 of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. pledges to create a Lambda Equality Zone for all current and prospective members. As systems of institutionalized oppression continue to dominate, it is crucial that we preserve, promote, and celebrate the diversity of male identity while leading the Latino Greek Movement as the first and largest Latin fraternity since 1975.

As an equality zone, California Sector 2 pledges to educate and expose the brotherhood to issues impacting our members such as, but not limited to: (1) sexual orientation and identity(gay/bisexual/transgender) discrimination, (2) citizenship status discrimination, (3) racial/ethnic inequality, and (4) gender inequality. In doing so, California Sector 2 not only provides unconditional support to all members, but by demystifying our struggles we are truly able to educate the brotherhood to take a stance against systems of institutionalized oppression.

As part of the monthly sector programming, the hosting undergraduate entity will identify service projects aiding underrepresented communities impacted by systems of institutionalized oppression and/or social collaborations with clubs/organizations that raise awareness on issues that impact our members. In addition to the monthly sector programming, the California Sector 2 Executive Board, specifically the Collegiate & Academic Affairs Officer, will liaise with college campuses and/or non-profit organizations to facilitate educational/cultural awareness workshops as part of the monthly sector meeting.


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