Kean University | Union, NJ


Rutgers University | New Brunswick, NJ


The College of New Jersey | Ewing, NJ


Formerly Upsala College | East Orange, NJ


Seton Hall University | South Orange, NJ


Stevens Institute of Technology | Hoboken, NJ


NJ Institute of Technology | Newark, NJ


Rutgers University | Newark, NJ


















Alpha Alpha

Alpha Beta

Alpha Gamma

Alpha Delta

Alpha Epsilon

Alpha Zeta

Alpha Eta

Alpha Theta

Alpha Iota

Alpha Kappa

Alpha Lambda

Alpha Mu

Alpha Nu

Alpha Xi

Alpha Omicron

Alpha Pi

Alpha Rho

Alpha Rho

Alpha Sigma

Alpha Tau

Alpha Upsilon

Alpha Phi

Alpha Chi

Alpha Psi

Alpha Omega

Beta Alpha

Beta Beta

Beta Gamma

Beta Delta

Beta Epsilon

Beta Zeta

Beta Eta

Beta Theta

Beta Iota

Beta Kappa

Beta Lambda

Beta Mu

Beta Nu

Beta Xi

Beta Omicron

Beta Pi

Beta Rho

Beta Sigma

Beta Tau

Beta Upsilon

Beta Phi

Beta Chi

Beta Psi

Beta Omega

Gamma Alpha

Gamma Beta

Gamma Gamma

Gamma Delta

Gamma Epsilon

Gamma Zeta

Gamma Zeta

Gamma Eta

Gamma Theta

Gamma Iota

Gamma Kappa

Gamma Lambda

Gamma Mu

Gamma Nu

Gamma Xi

Gamma Omicron

Gamma Pi

Gamma Rho

Gamma Sigma

Gamma Tau

Gamma Upsilon

Gamma Phi

Gamma Chi

Gamma Psi

Gamma Omega

Delta Alpha

Delta Beta

Delta Gamma

Delta Delta

Delta Epsilon

Delta Zeta

Delta Eta

Delta Theta

Delta Iota

Delta Kappa

Delta Lambda

Delta Mu

Delta Nu

Delta Xi Chapter

Delta Omicron

CSULA Colony

Iona Colony

Tarleton Colony

John Jay Colony

ENMU Colony

MIU Colony

Stony Brook Colony

Towson Colony

UNC Pembroke Colony

Middle Tennessee Colony

UNI Colony

Ohio State Colony

ISU Colony

City College Colony

Baruch Colony

Buffalo Colony

VCU Colony

New Haven Colony

Alfred Colony

JCSU Colony

UC San Diego

UWM Colony

Nevada State Colony

University of Nevada Reno Colony

Notre Dame de Namur Colony

Boise State Colony

Eastern Washington Colony

Southern Illinois Colony


Una Familia

The strength of Lambda Theta Phi can be found in its small, family-like chapters.  Whether its an undergraduate chapter at a college or university, or one of our many alumni chapters in metropolitan areas throughout the country, Brothers find a sense of family in their chapter.  Every Lambda Man begins at a chapter or colony, and we encourage you to learn more about our over 150 undergraduate and alumni entities.

Brothers in Missouri celebrate Delta Delta Chapter's third anniversary

Undergraduate Entities

Most Lambdas begin their experience as a brother at an undergraduate colony or chapter.  A colony is a newly established entity of the Fraternity that has not yet earned a charter, or chapter status.  Once a colony has successfully satisfied the requirements for a charter, it becomes a full chapter with a Greek-letter designation (e.g. Alpha, Beta, etc.).  Chapters and colonies are a central part of the Lambda experience, facilitating personal and leadership development, developing a commitment to community service and philanthropy, and actively engaging in social issues affecting Latin@ communities.  All undergraduate entities are affiliated with a four-year college or university.

Brothers from Lambda Gamma Alumni Chapter serve at a northern New Jersey food bank

Alumni Entities

Most brothers begin at an undergraduate entity, but many other college graduates and professionals in the working world are seeking membership in our amazing Brotherhood.  These brothers begin at an alumni chapter, which also includes  those who joined at an undergraduate chapter and are now engaged in the Fraternity’s many alumni service and leadership projects throughout the country.  Alumni entities are usually named according to a city or region in which they are located.


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