National Events

Programming held for the benefit of our nationwide Brotherhood

The majority of programs, events and initiatives sponsored by Lambda Theta Phi are carried out at the undergraduate and alumni or sector levels. These activities include charity fundraising, community clean-ups, mentoring in schools, educational and cultural programming, and hosting motivational speakers on campus. Social events at the undergraduate level include picnics, mixers, and parties. Our alumni also engage in social activities ranging from poker and domino nights to networking receptions and leadership development seminars.

Throughout the country, sectors convene to sponsor regional dinners and conferences modeled after the national events. Although special National Board events are presented sporadically, certain events are consistently sponsored by the National Board:

National Anniversary Banquet

The Fraternity has sponsored a national banquet dating back to December of 1978. The banquet is a formal event, which features keynote speakers, dancing and entertainment in an elegant ballroom setting. At the banquets, the National Board recognizes individuals, chapters and sectors for their contributions and accomplishments.  Once held each year, the National Anniversary Banquet is now held every five years.

The next banquet will be held in December 2020 in recognition of our 45th anniversary.

National Convention

The National Convention is hosted every two years convening the voting representatives from all of the Fraternity’s regions and the National Executive Board. Issues concerning the Fraternity at a national level are addressed, constitutional amendments, if any, are discussed and voted upon, and elections for the various national offices are held at these gatherings.  Brothers are also given a number of professional and brotherhood development workshops to attend.


2018 National Convention | Kansas City, MO

2016 National Convention | Miami Beach, FL

2014 National Convention | San Diego, CA

Regional Brotherhood Conference

The Regional Brotherhood Conferences are held on odd numbered years as a method to continuously educate our brotherhood on a variety of topics. Workshops are facilitated by alumni brothers and non-brothers, who specialize in specific fields. The conferences are designed to meet both undergraduate and alumni interests.

In addition to the activities above, attendees also enjoy recreational and social events. The locations have varied across the country based on the region in which they are held.

2017 Regional Brotherhood Conferences

2015 National Brotherhood Conference | Atlanta, GA

2013 National Brotherhood Conference | New Orleans, LA

Lambda Leadership Institute

The Lambda Institute addresses the training and developmental needs of leadership and individual membership. The institute will comprise of 2 schools; the Lambda Leadership Institute (LLI) and the Lambda Membership Institute (LMI). The Lambda Leadership Institute is held in the odd years for all National Officers and Regional/Sector Vice Presidents.

The Institute shall be responsible for all certification processes for elected and appointed members of leadership and general membership. Brothers certified by the institute will be equipped with the skills that will enable them to be successful leaders and brothers in any situation they encounter in either their undergraduate or alumni leadership roles. Each Lambda Institute session shall address a core element of effective leadership development , while directly tying educational content to the mission and ideals of Lambda Theta Phi.


2018 Lambda Leadership Institute | Kansas City, MO

2017 Lambda Leadership Institute | New Orleans, LA


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