Learn how to bring Lambda Theta Phi to your campus

Are you interested in becoming a brother of Lambda Theta Phi but there is no chapter on your campus? Outlined below are the necessary steps that will take you from being part of an interest group, to a colony, to an officially recognized chapter of Lambda Theta Phi.

The steps are the following:

1. Inform the Office of Greek Life (or similar office at your institution) of your desire to establish a chapter and obtain a copy of the institution’s expansion policy and any other pertinent documentation.

2. Contact the national director of expansion and provide your institution’s expansion policy and any other pertinent information, along with the name, major, year in school, GPA, and contact information for each member of the interest group.

3. The national director of expansion will then contact the college/university to obtain recognition of the interest group by the institution.

In order for an interest group to be recognized as active, they must conduct certain activities

1 Educational workshops
1 Cultural workshops
2 Community service projects
3 Fundraisers
1 Collaborative function with another Lambda Theta Phi colony/chapter
1 Collaborative function with an external organization
2 Social functions

Events performed as an interest group are not credited to chapter requirements once they become a colony.

4. Upon completing the interest group requirements, the group will compile proof of their activities and mail it to the national director of expansion. The interested gentlemen’s groups shall formally submit a letter requesting official recognition as an interest group of Lambda Theta Phi.

I. Package must be submitted in a binder with the professionalism and pride that went into accomplishing the requirements. The binder shall contain a section for each of the above stated requirements and an index at the beginning in addition to; the initial interest application, official transcripts, each interested gentlemen’s work/school schedule.

II. Minimum of 6 interested gentlemen to begin induction.

III. Must have required dues prior to beginning induction.

IV. Recognition from the university.

V. Complete a contact list of all interested gentlemen; name, year, GPA, major and anticipated or actual graduation date {e.g… May 11, Jan 12, May 12).

VI. Letter of good standing from sector/regional expansion.

VII. The interest group must be comprised of gentlemen with no less than a 2.5/4.0 GPA (not collectively)

VIII. Minimum of 2 interested gentlemen involved in another organization.

IX. Well written interest group history from early formation to present.

X. Meet and exceed requirements listed above and submit proof (picture/flyer) of events.

XI. At least of the interested gentlemen must not be graduating seniors (has at least one full year or 30 credits left to complete bachelor’s degree).

XII. An action plan for completing set activity requirements.

5. After reviewing and confirming the interest group requirements have been satisfied, the national director of expansion will contact the institution and inform the proper administrators the interest group is ready to begin the fraternity’s induction process.

6. Once the National Board receives the necessary approval from the institution, the group must mail official transcripts and induction fees to the national director of expansion. Please note in order to participate in the induction process, the interested student must be enrolled full-time and possess a minimum 2.5 GPA.

7. Upon successfully completing the induction process, the new brothers will be permitted to operate on the campus as a colony of Lambda Theta Phi.

8. Upon completing the requirements as a colony, the brothers will be assigned a Greek letter designation as an official chapter of Lambda Theta Phi.


  1. First semester students are prohibited from pledging at the respective university.
  2. Interested gentlemen must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale at the time of beginning the induction process.
  3. All paperwork must be submitted to the national director of expansion a month prior to the start of the induction process.
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