National Leadership

National Boards of Lambda Theta Phi

National Board

The National Board of Lambda Theta Phi is the administrative body with supreme oversight over all aspects of the Fraternity.  It is comprised of members of the National Executive Board and the Regional Vice Presidents.

National Executive Board

The National Board of Directors of Lambda Theta Phi is the executive governing body the administers, regulates, and mediates all regions of the Fraternity.  The National Board of Directors is comprised of the National President, Vice President and National Directors.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Lambda Theta Phi provides oversight and guidance to the National Board.  The Board is comprised of seven members, including the past national president.  The current national president sits also sits on the board as an ex-officio member.

Regional Boards

The Regional Boards of Lambda Theta Phi administer, regulate and govern sectors within their region.  Each region is comprised of 2 to 5 sectors and any alumni chapters/colonies within its borders.

Sector Boards

The Sector Boards of Lambda Theta Phi provides administer, regulate and govern the chapters within their sector.  Each sector is comprised of 3 to 8 chapters.

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